Get The Inside Out

In 2017, Creative agency Adam & Eve/DDB successfully pitched the script for ‘Get The Inside Out’ to Channel 4. It was part of a competition to win £1 million free airtime for a campaign focussed on non-visible disabilities.

Adam & Eve have worked closely with Lloyds Banking Group for many years. As Lloyds Banking Groups charity partner at the time, we offered our expertise in mental health to help curate the campaign.


In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem every year. Yet, mental health conditions are much more difficult to spot than a physical health condition. We think it’s important to help get conversations started about mental health to help create a culture shift and make it easier to ask for support before someone reaches a crisis point.

The campaign aims to help people feel more comfortable speaking about mental health and inspire people to #GetTheInsideOut.

Given Lloyds Banking Groups presence across the UK and influence in colleague and customer lives, they wanted to support the ongoing conversation about mental health.

Research carried out by Lloyds Banking Group and Mental Health UK revealed:

  • 67% of people say that they are more comfortable talking about mental health conditions now than five years ago.

  • 75% believe there is still a stigma around mental health.

The outcome

The campaign features Lloyds Banking Group colleagues, members of the public, and celebrities including Professor Green, Jeremy Paxman and Rachel Riley. The idea includes playing a version of the ‘who am I?’ sticky-notes guessing game to explore misconceptions of mental health conditions.

The impact

The campaign was found to be successful in making mental health more acceptable and changing perceptions amongst Channel 4 viewers. It received over 24.3k mentions across social media channels during the 2 months of the campaign (31st Jan-31st March 2018). Researched showed that 92% of people has positive reactions to the campaign.

Working with Channel 4 we launched our #GetTheInsideOut TV campaign alongside our charity partner, Mental Health UK, with the aim of encouraging people to talk about mental health. The campaign was incredibly successful prompting over 24,000 mentions on social media. It was a great example of the Group’s commitment to helping colleagues and customers experiencing problems with mental health.

I am personally very proud of the steps that the Group have taken to support mental health and wellbeing, and have encouraged our colleagues to utilise the fantastic resources available to them, and to help continue the conversation about mental health and wellbeing.

Catherine Kehoe, Managing Director, Group Brands & Marketing, Lloyds Banking Group

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