Showcasing our award-winning support group in Tayside

This month we are focusing on the work of our support groups across the UK.

The link below showcases the work of a Carers’ Support Project in Tayside, Scotland, run by Change Mental Health (Previously Support in Mind Scotland). This group won a Mental Health and Learning Disability Award from the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland for its work in 2015.

Malcolm Roderick says the experience he shares with the other members of the group, of caring for someone severely affected by mental illness is very important:

“There’s no substitute for the actual experience of being involved with someone with schizophrenia or bipolar… You have to live it to experience it.”

Fellow group member Elinor Dowson agrees:

“I didn’t know where to turn… There were a whole variety of people at that first meeting, and it was like we were all ‘home’. There were no barriers between us – everybody understood what the other person was going through.’

Support groups like this one can provide a lifeline in their communities. Please help us support more people like Malcolm and Elinor by raising funds for Mental Health UK.

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