Mental Health UK and Johnson & Johnson partner on campaign highlighting the link between smoking and poor mental health

With 1 in 3 of all cigarettes smoked by someone living with a mental health condition, we’re on a mission to help communities and make quitting less of a stressful journey.


Stopping smoking can positively impact both your physical and mental health. A common misconception is that smoking can help to relieve stress, however, we know smoking actually increases anxiety and tension. Studies show quitting can improve mood and help relieve stress, anxiety and depression*.

That’s why Mental Health UK has partnered with Johnson & Johnson, on a campaign to help communities and make quitting less of a stressful journey.

Johnson & Johnson are donating £75,000 to Mental Health UK so that together, we can help communities to make quitting smoking less of a stressful journey.

As part of the campaign, we have launched our new advice and information page on smoking cessation as well as a dedicated forum on our online peer support website Clic to support people looking to quit smoking along their journey. Meanwhile, Nicorette have also developed a suite of content on smoking and mental health, which is hosted on their Wellness Hub.

“We know that quitting smoking can help people to feel better both physically and mentally. We’re delighted to work side by side with Johnson & Johnson on this campaign to bring about greater public awareness around this key topic, and to provide smokers with the tools they need to go smoke free and live their best possible lives.”

– Katie Legg, Director of Strategy & Partnerships

For more information on the campaign visit the Nicorette Wellness Hub.  For more information about smoking and your mental health visit

Planning on quitting smoking? Nicorette’s stop smoking support plan offers free quitting tips and advice to help you become smoke free.

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Johnson & Johnson Limited will donate £75,000 to Mental Health UK (1170815) in relation to the 2022 Nicorette x Mental Health UK charitable campaign. UK-NI-2200273. Mental Health UK does not endorse particular drugs or treatments.

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Just £10 could help pay for a call to our advice and information line, supporting someone living with mental illness who may be feeling in distress during this time.

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