A #BriefEncounter can change someone’s life

This World Kindness Day, we’re in London Waterloo station letting commuters know how they can help if they see someone in distress. 


Network Rail and members of the wider rail industry have partnered with Mental Health UK to help members of the public know how to spot someone who may be in emotional distress while using the rail network or just out and about. Through the partnership, we hope to educate the public around signs to look for and ways to step in if someone is experiencing a mental health issue.

It’s hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and it’s especially hard to strike up a conversation about difficult emotions. That said, when you’re in distress in public, a brief encounter can really help. With a bit of empathy and a listening ear, even short conversations can change someone’s life.

#BriefEncounter encourages everyone to help out when we come across a distressed person. Inspired by the 1945 film, in which a chance meeting unexpectedly changes the main character’s life, we want to let people know what to do in such situations and remind us all that we have the power to help.

For more information, visit briefencounter.org.uk

Your donation will make the difference

Just £10 could help pay for a call to our advice and information line, supporting someone living with mental illness who may be feeling in distress during this time.

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