How Exertis UK are breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health

Exertis UK, industry leading distributor of technology products and specialist services partnered with Mental Health UK in 2022, with the mindset that they were here to ‘end the taboo surrounding mental health problems’. Since the launch of their partnership, Exertis UK have dived straight in, raising awareness about mental health and raising vital funds that will support the nation’s mental health. Find out more about what they’ve been up to so far.


“The Exertis Charity Committee, in partnership with Peddle, felt that partnering with Mental Health UK allows us to make a significant impact in supporting those affected. Our charity committee has key principles for our actions: to create formal channels to be charitable; to foster a deeper sense of belonging for our people; to have a positive impact in communities; and to make a difference.

To celebrate the launch of our Charity Committee earlier this year, we launched ‘Ride to Exertis Almo’ – an initiative where staff amassed distance by peddling on bikes to reach a goal of 1,750 miles, which is the equivalent of halfway between Exertis UK and Exertis Almo’s Philadelphia headquarters. Simultaneously, staff at Exertis Almo in America also accumulated 1,750 miles by riding on bikes, and raised money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in their own community.

Paul Bryan, Managing Director of Exertis UK, said: “The statistics surrounding mental health in the UK show that many of us will struggle with our mental health at some point in our lives. Sadly, not everyone seeks help. We want to support our people’s mental health and be committed to helping where we can in society. Partnering with Mental Health UK will help elevate this important topic – not just for Exertis, but to all those who require mental health support. This is a problem which needs talking about and the taboo needs to be broken down. We’re thrilled to be working with Mental Health UK and raising money for a charity which does such awesome work.”

“Partnering with Peddle, user friendly electric bikes, was a logical decision due to the link between mental health and exercise. Exercise, specifically cycling, has been proven to reduce stress thanks to inducing lower levels of cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’; reduce anxiety due to the release of endorphins; increase mindfulness; and boost self-esteem. Cycling also enables the rider to access more green spaces, which lowers anxiety and depression, and boosts access to Vitamin D intake through daylight, an essential element for our bodies which is understandably harder to come by in the winter months. With a Peddle electric bike you get all the benefits of cycling without the physical requirements. In the UK legally you have to peddle an electric bicycle for it to work, but with a built-in motor this takes away all the hard work so anyone can cycle again, so the hills become flats and you can feel younger overnight!

Alongside our efforts to promote exercise within our fundraising initiatives, we’ve also trained Mental Health First Aiders to be on hand to listen to any member of staff who needs someone. Our Mental Health First Aiders are trained to then direct them to the best source of help and assistance if required. We also offer our people access to Employee Assistance Programmes, consisting of confidential, 24/7 telephone support with qualified counsellors, up to 6 face-to-face counselling sessions, access to financial, legal, and health support, health risk assessments, cognitive behavioural therapy, and informative webinars on mental health. This enables us to ensure our employees have access to mental health information and support.

We are so proud of our partnership with Mental Health UK, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partnership!”

To find out how you can partner with Mental Health UK, and how we can support your organisation, visit our charity partnerships page.

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