Impact report 2021-2022: young people’s programmes

One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a mental health problem in 2021, a significant increase from one in nine in 2017. Never has the need to support young people’s mental health been greater, and we know that early preventative support using upstream approaches like building resilience can have a positive impact.


We are delighted to share with you our young people’s programmes impact report which details some of the breadth of work we carry out through our Your Resilience and Bloom programmes. Both programmes were created to support the mental wellbeing and resilience of young people aged 14-18 across our four nations: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In 2021–22 we did the following:

  • Supported 45,412 young people through Bloom
  • Supported 2,831 young people through Your Resilience (since the start of the programme)
  • Delivered across 80 counties
  • Trained 757 teachers through Bloom to support their student’s wellbeing
  • Trained 247 facilitators through Your Resilience in a range of settings supporting young people
  • Delivered nearly 1,000 workshops

We have also been able to offer online support to teachers, enabling them to access numerous resources on helping young people with their mental health as well as supporting each other in doing so.

"Reaching 80 counties across the UK through nearly 1,000 workshops is an amazing achievement from the young people’s team. What really stands out to me is the engagement and participation we have had from young people across all the diverse settings we have delivered in. There is a real interest in learning the tools we provide and gain an understanding of how they can be applied to everyday life. One of the hugely rewarding aspects of our programmes is the change we see in the professionals we work with and how they become much more confident in supporting young people’s mental health."

– Enda Egan, Head of Young People's Programmes, Mental Health UK

Our continued commitment to leaving a legacy with both of our programmes has allowed for both adults and young people to carry on the skills learnt in our workshops to encourage wider conversations around mental resilience, truly carrying through our ethos at Mental Health UK: that we won’t stop until everyone has the tools they need to live their best possible life.

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Want to know more about our young people’s programmes? Get in touch with our teams:

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Your Resilience: [email protected]

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