Lloyds Bank and Mental Health UK work in partnership to support the nation’s mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

Lloyds Bank and Mental Health UK have launched a new campaign to support to customers who have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. New TV, radio and social media adverts (from Thursday 14th May) highlight a shared commitment to be there for customers.


Building on the mental health awareness campaign that won Channel 4’s £1m ‘Diversity in Advertising’ competition in 2018, Lloyds Bank in partnership with Mental Health UK have launched a new TV advert.

The 2018 ‘Get The Inside Out’ campaign showed customers, celebrities and members of the public playing the ‘Who am I?’ sticky-note game. This new work, also by creative agency adam&eveDDB, features customers, in scenes now synonymous with households and businesses in lockdown, questioning mental health challenges faced during the Covid-19 crisis.

Due to Covid-19, people across the nation have got a lot on their mind at the moment. The new campaign shows them that Lloyds Bank is by their side, providing support and advice alongside Mental Health UK.

Watch the full 30-second advert below.

‘Does it make me feel like I could lose everything?’ asks a small business owner with a sticker saying ‘anxiety’. ‘Does this affect our plans for the future?’ wonders a pregnant woman whose sticker says ‘isolation.’ Does this make me feel like it’s all my fault?’ ponders a woman with ‘guilt’ written on a sticker on her forehead.

1 in 4 people in the UK has experienced a mental health problem. But with the effects of coronavirus on the way we’re all living and working, managing your mental health during this time is more important than ever before. Lloyds Bank, as part of its ongoing partnership with Mental Health UK. The campaign encourages people to share how they are feeling and help them find solidarity in others experiencing the same emotions.

Lloyds Bank has created a wealth of support with Mental Health UK to help customers through these uncertain times www.lloydsbank.com/mentalhealth.

For more tips and support for your mental health during this time please visit our Covid-19 hub.

Our partnership has allowed us to expand our services and reach thousands more people living with mental health problems. We have worked closely with them to engage colleagues in our cause. Lloyds Banking Group has raised over £10 million for Mental Health UK since launching the partnership in 2018, allowing us to launch services including:

  • Mental Health and Money Advice which helps those experiencing problems with both mental health and with their finances
  • Bloom, which supports the mental health resilience of young people

With a growing number of us experiencing new or worsening mental health problems due to Covid-19, the need to ensure no one is left isolated or unsupported has never been greater. We are proud to be a partner on this campaign connecting people with the advice and information they need to navigate this challenging time, and we are grateful for Lloyds Banking Group's continued commitment to moving the nation's mental health forward.

– Brian Dow, Chief Executive, Mental Health UK,

In these unprecedented times lots of our customers will be experiencing stress and anxiety, with many people finding that their everyday life and financial situation has changed overnight. Our partnership with Mental Health UK continues to offer help and support to the people of Britain during these difficult times.

– Richard Warren, Director of Marketing Communications at Lloyds Bank