Lloyds Banking Group are named in the Fortune Change the World list 2019.

Lloyds Banking Group have been named by US magazine Fortune as one of the leading 52 businesses using their creative tools to help tackle society’s needs in 2019. The Group is the leading financial services and the second-highest UK based firm.


The list honours companies that recognise public health, environmental, economic, and social problems as major challenges—but also as opportunities to initiate a so-called virtuous circle. They understand that doing good for society and the planet can help them bring in more revenue, which can help them do more good, in a self-reinforcing loop.

The Change the World list doesn’t score companies on their charitable generosity, nor does it rate them on some cosmic scale of good and bad. It celebrates where ideas can make the world a better place.

In their 5th annual list, Fortune magazine has selected Lloyds Banking Group as number 31 worldwide. Lloyds Banking Group’s work in mental health is extensive and reaches so many lives across the UK, for both their colleagues and customers. We are delighted that Fortune has recognised them and their work in support of Mental Health UK, such as enabling the creation of the Mental Health and Money Advice service and the colleague workplace mental health training programme – Advocates, facilitated by Mental Health UK. Lloyds Banking Group’s Helping Britain Prosper Plan outlines their commitment to helping remove the stigma attached to mental health through conversation and support.

Money stress and mental-health challenges can all too easily amplify one another. Lloyds Banking Group has supported Mental Health UK in introducing a service that offers counselling to customers, helping them save money by avoiding inaction and mistakes. The Group has also trained some 500 staffers to be internal mental-health advocates, helping colleagues cope with their own hurdles

We couldn’t be prouder that our partnership has helped Lloyds Banking Group earn recognition on this prestigious list.

We are proud that our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group has enabled us to make a real difference to so many people’s lives. They have listened and worked with us to understand some of the UKs biggest challenges when it comes to mental health and has helped us address these head on, such as the inextricable link between poor mental health and money problems.

This year we will be launching Bloom, the largest UK-wide programme for 14-18 year olds which focuses on supporting young people’s mental health resilience.

It’s with the sole support of Lloyds Banking Group and their colleagues fundraising that we will be able to roll this programme out to over 100,000 young people across the UK.

– Katie Legg, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Mental Health UK

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