Mental Health UK team up with Innovation Broking

Our partnership with Innovation Broking enables us to talk to senior leaders and decision makers, from a wide range of organisations, about the importance of protecting employee mental health as much as physical health.


For many of us, our ways of working have changed and business leaders are facing new pressures to protect the mental health of their staff. Our work with Innovation Broking throughout 2020 and 2021, sees us running a series of webinars and training courses that bring the best existing and emerging practices to senior leaders and decision makers who are on their way to making their workplace as mentally healthy as possible.

By working together, we can not only address some of the biggest risks and misconceptions about mental health in the workplace, but create a thriving and engaging environment that inspires great work.

Innovation Broking and I are very passionate that understanding mental health in the workplace is vital – both to maximise organisations' potential and support employees across the UK. We are pleased to collaborate in a strategic relationship with Mental Health UK so that we are a source of support to our clients in a time when the spotlight has increased around mental wellbeing. The interactive bitesize training sessions we're hosting throughout 2021, and beyond, are aimed at senior leaders and HR professionals to help them reach their organisational goals and provide mental health support where needed.

– Jonathan Taylor, Director (London) and Head of Charities and Care

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