Royal Mail launches new film with its charity partners

Royal Mail has launched a special film entitled “Everyday People” as part of its programme of work to increase awareness and break down stigma relateed to mental health in the workplace and UK communities, with the help of a Boxing Poet Laureate. 

Matt Windle, Birmingham’s Poet Laureate and a professional flyweight boxer, narrates the film as a postman on his delivery round, revealing different mental health problems behind the doors he delivers mail to. It aims to increase awareness and show that mental health problems might be ‘closer to home than you think’.

The film – made by Royal Mail in collaboration with its three charity partners, Action for Children, Mind and Mental Health UK – aims to highlight the everyday occurrence of mental health issues amongst different types of people across various age groups.

“I was keen to be involved in this project because as a boxer I think that mental health is just as important as physical health. I have seen first-hand how mental health issues have affected friends and colleagues and I believe it’s important that everyone talks openly about this issue and is open-minded about it. If the film helps people seek help or means people offer help to others then it will have done its job.”

– Matt Windle

Royal Mail chose mental health as the cause it will support through its charity partnership from 2017 to 2020. The business has been working closely with its partners to support its mental health work across the UK.

“The film does a great job of showing how mental health problems can crop up in every street, classroom and workplace, and how it’s up to us all to look out for one another. At Mental Health UK, we run over 400 services and 200 volunteer support groups in communities across the country for people just like those in the film. Thank you to Royal Mail for highlighting such an important issue.”

– Brian Dow, Managing Director of Mental Health UK

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