What are personality disorders?

Our personalities are made up of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They shape the way we view the world, ourselves and the way we relate to others. Everyone is different and it’s our personality which helps to make us who we are.

It’s natural to have feelings of jealousy or wanting to be loved, but if these emotions become difficult to manage it can cause problems. If these kinds of personality traits are causing long-lasting problems in your life, it could mean you have a personality disorder.

Personality disorders affect how you cope with life, relationships and emotions. Your beliefs and way of dealing with daily life may be different to others, and you may find it difficult to change patterns of negative behaviour. Emotions can be confusing, tiring and hard to control which can be difficult for you and those around you.

Personality disorders are more common than you might think. Around 1 in 20 people live with some form of personality disorder. A lot of people learn to manage their symptoms well.

Because personality disorders can be a distressing way to cope with emotions, they can also lead to other mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

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