Types of phobias

Phobias are categorised as either specific (simple) or complex.

Types of Specific Phobia

There are five types of specific phobia:

  • Animal Type (I.e., mice, spiders, insects)
  • Environment Type (I.e., heights, storms, ocean)
  • Blood-Injection-Injury Type (I.e., seeing blood, medical procedures, receiving injections)
  • Situational Type (I.e., driving, flying, elevators, enclosed spaces)
  • Other Types (I.e., vomiting, choking, contracting an illness)

Some of the most common phobias include:

  • Acrophobia: the fear of heights
  • Arachnophobia: the fear of spiders
  • Claustrophobia: the fear of confined spaces
  • Ophidiophobia: the fear of snakes
  • Cynophobia: the fear of dogs
  • Astraphobia: the fear of thunder and lightning
  • Aerophobia: the fear of flying
  • Mysophobia: the fear of germs, dirt, or other contaminants
  • Trypanophobia: the fear of injections

Types of Complex Phobia

Agoraphobia, is often misunderstood as a fear of open spaces, but it is more complex and relates to the fear of being alone or being in places or situations you feel unable to escape from.

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